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Toyota Hilux turbo

Hilux 2.7 turbo manifold and turbo
Our shop truck is a turbo charged 2.7 l,everything we do we test in house first this proven conversion offers a option as apposed to all the Lexus transplants we do to these such vehicles and renders very good power output of  170kw and 440nm of torque at 1bar,it also offers better consumption of a 1.5l/100km under light acceleration.

Vw Mk1 2l 20v Turbo

Our little pet project is a 2l 20v turbo mk1 golf  with custom stainless plenum and manifolds running a twinscroll tdo6 20g quaife diff and 6spd sequential box hoping for around 300kw and 500nm in this light weight body it should be a missile.

Chevy ute with Lexus V8 and auto box

Completely modded Chevy with Lexus V8 running Spitronics ecu controller. Lexus Gearbox with Spitronics Tcu controller and shifter kit with programable 4way profile switch for differn modes “normal ,towing,Sport,economy.”

Mazda MX5 Turbo

Mazda Mx 5 turboed ,billet pistons and conrods,Garret t 2.5 with bigger comp wheel.Large front mount intercooler and stainless plumbing both on hot and cold sides. Power-coated internals as well as turbine housing,boosted to 0.7 for daily use and currently running 170kw and 330nm. At 1.2 bar makes an impressive 240kw and 420nm.Not bad for a little road going go-cart


Ferrari multi point injection and management

BMW M42 Turbo conversion

BMW m42 turbo coversion Bosting a wopping 250kw and 450nm from this compact 1.8litre engine. Complete hand built aero kit and splitters to aid handling,willwood 6potters up front and tilton brake bios to stop the little missile,light weight bonnet and boot lid. Large front mount intercooler to keep the charge at cool operating temp.


BMW 330i Turbo Conversion,with custom power coated manifold and turbo Stainless exhaust system, twin tail pipes.Suspension Mods and Big brake upgrade.


Nissan 350 z twin turbo dyno run after fitment of water meth and heads up display,Boost set at 0.8 bar, new rims.    
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