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Spitronics engine Management

The Venus ECU is an advance piece of hardware which is customised into various products. It is a stand-alone unit which is connected to sensors as well as final drive outputs. It comes with tuning and setup software which is adjusted on standard laptops. The Venus ECU is sold in different categories according to features used and comes with different Firmware for each specific product. This product ranges from a Basic Modelto the advance Dual Map Racing Model. The customer can change firmware with the programmer for specific engines. He can bench test the ECU and set it upwith our simulators. This makes the product very versatile and user friendly.
Venus ECU Features
•  Small Compact Design easy to hide in small places like motorcycles •  6 On-board Ignition and Injector Drivers – any combination for specific engines •  With F10 Extreme Firing Module this can be expanded to 9 Drivers •  2 Self-Protected General Purpose Outputs for idle and fan control etc. •  Self-Protected Safety Fuel relay output •  Self-Protected Scalable RPM Output to calibrate rev – counters •  2 ECU’s can be connected to double the drivers for larger engine configuration •  4 Different injection methods from Batch to Full Sequential injection •  Closed Loop Lambda Control for improved fuel economy •  Cold Start and Idle Control for more drivable engines •  Over Boost Protection against waste gate failure •  Over Heat Protection will put the ECU in limp mode •  Micro Fuelling for duel-injectors systems – easy setup with no feel change-over •  Map sensor synchronisation for throttle engines for best vacuum signal •  Full sequential injection for throttle engines with injectors in front of ram tubes •  V-tech Control versus TPS Load •  Selectable 1 to 4 Bar External MAP Sensors •  Launch Control in Three Selectable Modes •  3 x Selectable Engine Limiter Options – Soft, Hard and Bang! mode •  Start-up Maps Included – some are more than 90% spot on •  Tuneable without Dyno •  Easy to use isolated USB Interface Cables with installation software •  User Friendly Tuning Software with Compensation Maps •  Easy Drawing Layouts and Instruction Manual •  Easy to follow Start-up Procedure to prevent damage. Adv kit R 3490/ intermediate kit R 2815/ Standard kit R 2345/ Lexus Kit R 3950Other kits can be made and programmed to suit your needs feel free to send us yourenquiry all prices exclude installation and dyno tuning is done at a further cost ranging from R3800- R4800 excl depending on application and sensors to be wired or installed. PLEASE NOTE: ANY FITMENT AND INSTALLATION DONE BY CUSTOMER SELF, WILL RESULT IN ANY GUARANTEE, WARRANTY BE NULL IN VOID AND WILL NOT BE UPHELD BY THE SUPPLIER OR SPITRONICS  
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