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Injector Cleaning and Health

Precision Performance offers fuel injector cleaning and flow testing with our computer controlled injector testing machines. We provide professional ultrasonic injector cleaning and can flow test up to 8 injectors at once for an accurate side by side comparison.Before and after results are documented.


Off-the-car injector cleaning and testing is the only way to verify that each injector is doing its job and allowing each cylinder to operate evenly and independently for peak performance that can also improve fuel economy.

Replacement cost of a new fuel injector can be R 1500 or more. With our cleaning service, we can restore 95% of all fuel injectors to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new injector. Most  injectors can be restored to a like-new condition through our ultrasonic cleaning and verified with our testing process.

On today’s computer controlled engines, the oxygen sensor(s) can only average the air / fuel mixture of all the cylinders. This can cause some cylinders to run rich and others to run lean if all the injectors are not flowing equally. Side by side flow testing is the only way to verify they are working well together.We therefore also run full diagnostics to ensure lambdas are working correctly to trim fueling per bank and cylinder.


Cost Per injector removed and sent to us for servicing is R 250 excluding shipping

If we are to remove from vehicle and service it is R 350 per injector excluding shipping

direct injection injectors will range between R 1800 and R 2400 depending on condition of injector which is subject to stripping and excludes shipping.

All prices exclude gst/vat and import costs  

Further enhancements to fuel saving can be done by means of tuning your ecu on our dyno once we know injectors and fuel system with lambdas are in healthy condition contact us via


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