George, Western Cape, South Africa

Eco Tuning/Flash Tuning

There are many "tuners" who may be passionate about cars and the systems they are using, having no mechanical backgrounds or experience with the motors they are working on can cause major problems.

Passion and knowing your craft are very different and going outside the vehicles parameters will destroy engines.

Merely having a tool that flashes an ECU without being tested and dynoed to check the results is like going to a General Practioner for a heart transplant. Get to know your "Tuner" (doctor):


  1. Does he have a background in this field?
  2. Is he a qualified mechanic/technician?
  3. Does he have the facilities, workshop, dyno, gas analyzer, live data capturing?
  4. Is the vehicle assessed before tuning?
  5. Is the tuning tool just a "slave" to flash generic maps or a full master tuning tool?
  6. Are maps written for each car's custom maps,based on working sensors, engine mileage, etc.?
  7. Files sold for +- R3000.00 (or less) is broad based generic maps and can damage your engine.

Ask the above questions and if you suspect there is any indiscretion, DO NOT DO THE TUNE.