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Alientech / Flash Tune/Performance/ economy tune

Alientech v2 The Alientch Kess and K Tag is the latest equipment on the market to read ECU on vehicles.  This is the latest technology that will help companies with big fleets to save on fuel bills or just the ordinary man on the street to save on monthly fuel bills. This type of saving can be done on mostly any vehicle (diesel or petrol) (electronic injected engines).  Not only will it save your wallet, there are also environmental improvements resulting from our flash/chip tune. How does the Alientch equipment work? We download the existing “map” from the vehicles ECU, which normally takes about half an hour.  We re-write the file,  optimizing the fueling and timing to give the best economy, saving you fuel and money.  Not only do we do the optimization, we also do the performance flash, that will give your vehicle more power and a smoother drive, changing gears and just all around better performance.  Once all this is done, the new file is reloaded on the vehicle and set up on a dyno.  We do dyno run before and after flash tune.  However this can only be done if all the hardware such as injectors, Air mass meters, lambda sensors etc., etc. is in good working order. Why you should invest in flash tune/chip tune/ re-map? * Between 10-15% savings on cost of fuel * Up to 20% reduction on emissions * Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value * No mechanical modifications * Minimal downtown for busy vehicles * No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel saving monitoring * Reset vehicle to standard at any time * We can control fuelling, boost timing, creating safe additional power and torque For more information and piece of mind do not hesitate to contact us, speak to Dean and he will be able to give you the best advice. 0824587846 or  

Fuel Optimisation for Economy/Performance

Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an erasable programmable read only memory chip in an automobile’s or other vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better Fuel efficiency. This makes use of the engine manufacturer to generally use a conservative electronic control unit map to allow for individual engine variations as well as infrequent servicing and poor-quality fuel. Vehicles with a remapped electronic control unit may be more sensitive to fuel quality and service schedules.  See this clip and you will have a better understanding of flash tune/chip tune for optimization and fuel saving This was done with early engine computers in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, the term chip tuning can be misleading, as people will often use it to describe ECU tuning that does not involve swapping the chip. Modern electronic control units can be tuned by simply updating their software through a standard interface, such as On Board Diagnostics. This procedure is commonly referred to as engine or electronic control unit tuning. Electronic control units are a relatively recent addition to the automobile, having first appeared in the late 1970s. As technology advanced, so did the electronics that go into cars. The electronic control unit in a modern automobile, together with advanced engine technology, makes it possible to control many aspects of the engine’s operation, such as spark timing and fuel injection. The electronic control unit may also control electronic throttle control (drive-by-wire), poppet valve timing, boost control (in turbocharged engines), Anti-lock braking system, the automatic transmission, speed governor (if equipped), and the Electronic Stability Control system. Performance gains are realized by adjusting the ignition timing advance. Different timing may result in better performance. However, to cope with advanced timing, one must run high-octane gasoline to avoid pre-ignition detonation or pinging. Manufacturers design for a specific timing and this may limit performance accordingly. In addition, changing fuel maps to coincide with the stoichiometric ratio for gasoline combustion may also realize performance increase. Most manufacturers tune for optimum emissions (running rich to protect the catalytic converter) and fuel economy purposes which can limit performance. Cars with a turbo fitted can have the requested and allowable boost levels raised, these applications usually have the most effect if the turbo fitted is a low pressure turbo which leaves the most room for improvement. Another reason to change the electronic control unit map is if there are engine, intake, or exhaust modifications to the car. These “bolt-on” modifications alter the way that the engine flows, often causing the air to fuel ratio to change. Without re-mapping the fuel tables, some of the performance gains from the modifications may not be realized. A poorly tuned electronic control unit can result in decreased performance, drive-ability, and may even cause engine damage. The most common way to “upgrade” the electronic control unit is using either plug in modules as mentioned above or using a specialist tuner who will use an On Board Diagnostics Flash tool. These devices generally plug into the diagnostic port although in some cases the reprogramming is done directly on the circuit board. Maps are supplied by tuners. An alternative to modifying the on-board chip is adding an external device, often known as a tuning box. The abilities of the external devices generally reflect on-board chip modifications, with the advantage that they can be easily removed to restore the vehicle to standard. Adding an external tuning box is generally only possible on modern engines with external management ports.[1]

Dastek uni Q and + Alientech Flash Tuning

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Welcome to the new age of tuning computerised vehicles. Over the years the coming of the computer did marvels for the automotive industry. Unfortunately workshops lost all control over the tuning of these vehicles. Even the slightest idling problem cannot be cured by the non-franchised workshop. In most cases even the authorised agents cannot cure these problems. In short, the tuning of computerised vehicles became nearly impossible.

The UNICHIP gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most electronically controlled vehicles. Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but also it can be set under various load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimise the vehicle for economy under light load conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

The UNICHIP is much more than just a “chip”. In actual fact it is a fully functioning computer which is added to the vehicle’s existing engine control unit (ECU). Apart from controlling general timing and mixtures it can do idling control, drive extra injectors, take full control over timing functions, eliminate road speed governors etc. It can be accurately described as a “Piggyback” computer.

The UNICHIP gets wired into the existing ECU harness. If it is removed the vehicle is back to standard. Unlike other after-market units if the UNICHIPis programmed with zeros the vehicle will be standard. Only areas where the vehicle isn’t perfect need to be altered.

The main difference between other after-market “chips” and the UNICHIP is that with the UNICHIP every individual vehicle is optimised. It is not just a chip that was made on one particular vehicle and then gets used on other similar vehicles.

Spitronics engine Management

The Venus ECU is an advance piece of hardware which is customised into various products. It is a stand-alone unit which is connected to sensors as well as final drive outputs. It comes with tuning and setup software which is adjusted on standard laptops. The Venus ECU is sold in different categories according to features used and comes with different Firmware for each specific product. This product ranges from a Basic Modelto the advance Dual Map Racing Model. The customer can change firmware with the programmer for specific engines. He can bench test the ECU and set it upwith our simulators. This makes the product very versatile and user friendly.
Venus ECU Features
•  Small Compact Design easy to hide in small places like motorcycles •  6 On-board Ignition and Injector Drivers – any combination for specific engines •  With F10 Extreme Firing Module this can be expanded to 9 Drivers •  2 Self-Protected General Purpose Outputs for idle and fan control etc. •  Self-Protected Safety Fuel relay output •  Self-Protected Scalable RPM Output to calibrate rev – counters •  2 ECU’s can be connected to double the drivers for larger engine configuration •  4 Different injection methods from Batch to Full Sequential injection •  Closed Loop Lambda Control for improved fuel economy •  Cold Start and Idle Control for more drivable engines •  Over Boost Protection against waste gate failure •  Over Heat Protection will put the ECU in limp mode •  Micro Fuelling for duel-injectors systems – easy setup with no feel change-over •  Map sensor synchronisation for throttle engines for best vacuum signal •  Full sequential injection for throttle engines with injectors in front of ram tubes •  V-tech Control versus TPS Load •  Selectable 1 to 4 Bar External MAP Sensors •  Launch Control in Three Selectable Modes •  3 x Selectable Engine Limiter Options – Soft, Hard and Bang! mode •  Start-up Maps Included – some are more than 90% spot on •  Tuneable without Dyno •  Easy to use isolated USB Interface Cables with installation software •  User Friendly Tuning Software with Compensation Maps •  Easy Drawing Layouts and Instruction Manual •  Easy to follow Start-up Procedure to prevent damage. Adv kit R 3490/ intermediate kit R 2815/ Standard kit R 2345/ Lexus Kit R 3950Other kits can be made and programmed to suit your needs feel free to send us yourenquiry all prices exclude installation and dyno tuning is done at a further cost ranging from R3800- R4800 excl depending on application and sensors to be wired or installed. PLEASE NOTE: ANY FITMENT AND INSTALLATION DONE BY CUSTOMER SELF, WILL RESULT IN ANY GUARANTEE, WARRANTY BE NULL IN VOID AND WILL NOT BE UPHELD BY THE SUPPLIER OR SPITRONICS  
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