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Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic Treatment on Engines

What is Cryogenic Treatment? Cryogenic Treatment is a process being use to increase engine performance, reduce wear and improve longevity of the motor.  This is a one-time irreversible treatment that improves the entire structure, not just the surface, and gives your engine the stability once found only in seasoned engines. This process increase engine performance and engine lifespan through rearrangement of an engine’s molecular structure after utilizing proprietary computer controlled freezing process.  Cryogenic tempering occurs after creating a significant increase inabrasive wear resistance and overall durability for an engine, resulting in improved tensile strength, toughness and stability within the metals.  This helps release internal residual stressess, which were created when the engine was manufactured.  Overall the Motorsport industry use cryogenic processing for stress relief, dimensional stabilization, increased wear resistance and durability for their engines and other high performance parts associated with the chassis.  In fact almost every part in an engine assembly will benefit in one form or another from cryogenic processing.  This treatment is for any vehicle, not just for the race cars, but any vehicle on the road that is doing engine repairs. Deep cryogenic processing increase horsepower and torque normally, but it increase the life of an engine significantly.  Less wear equals less cylinder taper, higher sustained compression and smoother engine components reduce adhesive drag.  This means bearings last longer, cams last longer, heads don’t warp, blocks stay square and valves slide smoothly. Call us and let’s discuss a few real life stories and how we can help you improve the life of vehicle’s engine.  
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