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Car Service and Maintainence

Has your vehicle completed its Motor Plan?

Has your vehicle completed its Motor Plan / Service Plan? Get great deals on vehicle services and maintenance, including Exotic and Executive vehicles.  Give us a call for more information or to book the vehicle for service. We Service and Maintain all types of vehicles.  Our services start from R1550.00  for 4 cylinder vehicles, R1850.00  for 6 cylinder vehicles and R2580.00  on all Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and Exotic vehicles (with a 6 month, 10 000 kms guarantee),Please note prices are subject to change as well as your preference to brand parts and specified oils etc ! PLEASE NOTE : DETAILED QUOTES Will be provided via email at and no vehicles will be booked in unless Quotes are singed and returned and you have supplied the: Make,Model, Year,Vin or Chassis nos this will help us speed up the process in getting your Quote to you ASAP. Replacement of:  Engine Oil Top-up of brake fluid Oil Filter Plastic fuel filter Faulty standard bulbs Spark Plugs Top up: Gearbox Oil Differential Oil Transmission Fluid Service of: All grease points Doors with door lube Battery Adjustment of: Headlights Vee type belts All brakes Inspection and report on: Carburettor Cooling Systems Electronic Systems Electric Compression Air Filter Metal Fuel Filter Road Test Report on defects Diagnostic Test Drive Shaft CV Joints Propshaft Ball Joints Shock Absorbers Lower and upper control arms Wheel Bearings and hubs Differentials: Half shafts Steering racks: Manual and Power Brakes (Front and rear) Contact us for more information or email us

Car Service South Africa, Performance Tuning

We  service and maintain  all types of vehicles,  4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari and all Exotic cars.  We use only the best quality parts available on the market.   We do turbo conversion, custom made intake manifolds, and many more conversions.  We supply and fit Management Systems. There are two different modifications  for any vehicle: Mechanical Modifications: by means of Engine rebuilds, turbo conversions and turbo upgrades. Software Modifications: Through enhancement of certain parameters of the vehicles ECU by means of re-mapping / chip tuning, fitment of Spitronics and aftermarket management systems.  To do this chip tune/flash tune, we use the latest Alientech/ Flash Tune equipment. Both solutions are available for turbo charged – as well as normally aspirated production, sport and exotic cars. For more information read our “Engine Management and Tuning, and Tuning for Economy” categories.    
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