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Alientech / Flash Tune/Performance/ economy tune

Alientech v2 The Alientch Kess and K Tag is the latest equipment on the market to read ECU on vehicles.  This is the latest technology that will help companies with big fleets to save on fuel bills or just the ordinary man on the street to save on monthly fuel bills. This type of saving can be done on mostly any vehicle (diesel or petrol) (electronic injected engines).  Not only will it save your wallet, there are also environmental improvements resulting from our flash/chip tune. How does the Alientch equipment work? We download the existing “map” from the vehicles ECU, which normally takes about half an hour.  We re-write the file,  optimizing the fueling and timing to give the best economy, saving you fuel and money.  Not only do we do the optimization, we also do the performance flash, that will give your vehicle more power and a smoother drive, changing gears and just all around better performance.  Once all this is done, the new file is reloaded on the vehicle and set up on a dyno.  We do dyno run before and after flash tune.  However this can only be done if all the hardware such as injectors, Air mass meters, lambda sensors etc., etc. is in good working order. Why you should invest in flash tune/chip tune/ re-map? * Between 10-15% savings on cost of fuel * Up to 20% reduction on emissions * Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value * No mechanical modifications * Minimal downtown for busy vehicles * No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel saving monitoring * Reset vehicle to standard at any time * We can control fuelling, boost timing, creating safe additional power and torque For more information and piece of mind do not hesitate to contact us, speak to Dean and he will be able to give you the best advice. 0824587846 or  
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